Trans Bodybuilding ATL: All Things IATBP for October 5, 2019

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I hope this finds you well, and busy training for October 5, 2019’s Trans Bodybuilding and Powerlifting competitions being held in Atlanta, GA.

Here’s the latest news from all things IATB. Many of you know we will soon be IATBP, the “P,” of course, stands for powerlifting. We hope to be inhabiting our new webpage soon, which will be That will happen as soon as our non-profit status is legally complete.


I’m excited to report fundraising is going well. For the development of our Judges’ Certification, we received a grant from the Southern Equality Fund for $250.00. I’m pleased to announce the project was completed, so if you want to be certified as an IATB judge, go here.

The next grant we received was for $2,500.00 from the Trans Justice Funding Project. This gives us a nice start toward our goal of $6,000.00. I hope you will consider a donation towards that goal. We are still talking to sponsors for the events, so we hope to announce those soon. 

I know as trans people, many are saving for surgery and are not in a place to part with much money. To be sure, a small donation goes a long way for the IATB. If you would like to give, go to our GoFundMe page. Our hope is that we can go into 2020 with money in the coffers as well. As with our last GoFundMe campaign, IATB promises good stewardship of all funds raised. I hope you’ll join us as we make this transition so we can continue to be the world’s leading authority on Trans Bodybuilding and Powerlifting.


The powerlifting meet will be held at Crossfit Downtown Atlanta on Saturday morning, October 5, time TBA. We are super fortunate to have as our meet director Elisabeth Saunders of Team Lis Smash. Lis is also  the coach of Atlanta’s  LGBTQ powerlifting club The Fantastic Beasts. Check out this article about the Beasts in Atlanta Magazine here. 

Go to the IATB website to get your membership card and to sign up for the meet. 

Powerlifters are not required to wear singlets. Here’s one website that carries them just in case you want to wear one.


I’m sure everyone has started the countdown to the posedown for the Saturday, October 5th, 2019  IATB Trans Bodybuilding Competition. Place TBA. Start time will be 6pm.

This year’s competition will for the first time have a Bikini Class for Transwomen. The website will be updated soon to reflect that. 

I just want to remind all competitors to wear appropriate attire for the competition. Men should wear posing trunks, NOT underwear or board shorts. If you have dysphoria that causes you to be uncomfortable in skimpy posing trunks, try the old-fashioned trunks (on the left on the webpage) that feature a wider cut. It is not necessary to have chest surgery in order to compete. You can compete shirtless or with whatever you feel comfortable.

For the women, please wear a proper bikini. Here’s another website that features NPC (National Physique Committee) rules and regulations as well as examples of competition bikinis. The IATB uses to the best of its ability the same rules and regulations as the NPC.


Well, that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in October. I know you are training hard for this event, and we are working hard to bring you excellence in our production and execution. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at Thank you for your support. 

In Gratitude and Service,

Bucky Motter

Executive Director