The International Association of Trans Bodybuilders & Powerlifters (IATBP) is an organization created for bodybuilders and powerlifters who identify as Trans, as well as Non-Binary/Gender Non-conforming people.

IATBP is the first official organization that was created specifically for athletes who are not on the gender binary spectrum, in order to give them a platform to compete fairly.

In 2014, the first competition was hosted in Atlanta, GA at the first annual FTM Fitness World Conference. In 2015, it was featured on major media outlets including CNN and Al Jazeera America; in 2016 it was featured on CNN Great Big Story, and in 2018, the documentary Man Made was released. IATB (International Association of Trans Bodybuilders) was officially created in 2018 as a separate organization, and the P (Powerlifters) was added in 2019 in order to be more inclusive of the already existing powerlifting meets.


Our goal is to provide a supportive place for Trans people around the world to compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting, no matter where they are on the Trans or Non-Binary/Gender Non-conforming spectrum. We want to help create a world where all people are accepted for who they are.


  1. Be officially recognized worldwide as the leading authority of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting for people of Trans experience
  2. Create a certification training program with membership accreditation for all the IATBP judges
  3. Standardize all the competitions’ rules, expectations and membership affiliations across the board.