As the leading authority of trans bodybuilding, the IATBP is honored when anyone wants to wants to join our community and bring affirming, competitive spaces to more trans athletes around the world.

In order to compete with the IATBP, it is required for you to become an active member (meaning your membership fee has already been paid. Details can be found here.) However, an IATBP membership is not exclusive to current/future competitors. In fact, anyone who wants to support the IATBP and trans athletes around the world can become a supporting member of the IATBP, and partake in all of the benefits that our organization offers its members.

Once you pay for your membership, you will be emailed login information that will allow you to access the members-only portal on our site. In the members-only portal you can register for any IATBP event and access other members-only perks!

You will then receive a membership card in the mail. This card allows you to compete at any IATBP event around the world (specified registration fees per competition/location/division will still apply), as well as give you the opportunity to become an IATBP judge or referee. You will also receive an IATBP t-shirt for free. In the future, we are looking to implement more aspects to our membership program: regular livestreams of interviews and workshops with community leaders, first access to more IATBP swag, discounts from sponsors, and more.

Interested in becoming an annual supporter of the IATBP and all the perks that come with it? For only $49 a year, you can help us sustain our work. Click below to fill out the form and get your membership now!