Get Certified



1. APPLICATION Every new judge or referee must fill out the application form below and meet these criteria:

    • Must be 21 years or older in age by the time of application
    • Must have attended one previous Trans bodybuilding show hosted by TransFitCon or IATBP; or
  • Must have previous bodybuilding experience as a competitor

2. NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT Once the application has been received, the head judge will contact you to schedule an interview and send you an Non-Disclosure Agreement that must be signed before the interview date.  to sign a non-disclosure agreement. 3. INTERVIEW An interview will be scheduled with the head judge. Make sure to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement before your interview. Skills required to be a judge/referee include but are not limited to:

  • Good at interpersonal communication
  • Ability to work well in teams
  • Great attention to details
  • Organization skills

4. CERTIFICATION TRAINING The objectives of the certification training are to 1) develop talent and create competency by helping the judges acquire the correct skills and knowledge to judge an event and to 2) build confidence in the competitors, hosts and sponsors by creating an equal standard based on fairness and objectivity.

    • Once you have signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement, you will have access to the certification course link.
    • The certification test must be taken within 3 months after purchasing the training course (currently set at $50).
    • You are required to pass the certification test with a score of at least 85%.
    • There will be 3 attempts to pass the test within 3 months; failing to do so will result in waiting for another three months to try again.
  • After the test has been successfully completed, you will receive a Certificate in the mail.