In-Home Workouts for Trans Bodybuilders

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

In- home workouts can be simple. No need for dumbbells, bars, or special equipment. Let Coach Shawn Stinson show you how!

Shawn Stinson is the IATBP’s head judge. He won the first and second historic Trans bodybuilding competitions mounted first by the FTM Fitness World Conference. Later, the International Association of Trans Bodybuilders and Powerlifters (IATBP) was born as separate from the conference.

We are so glad to have Shawn as our head judge, as he knows bodybuilding inside and out.  His sharp eye for detail when judging makes clear his ability to make expert decisions when judging our yearly Trans bodybuilding competitions. Our bodybuilders need only take one look at Shawn, and they know they will be judged fairly.

Here is a fantastic in-home workout that Shawn demonstrates on Instagram wherein he uses gallon water jugs to give you a great workout.