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Damien “Phoenix” Montoya, Overall Winner, IATBP 2019

I’ll get right to the standings of the October 5, 2019 IATBP Bodybuilding Competition:

The Overall Winner of the Competition was Damien “Phoenix” Montoya from Boston, MA. Damien weighed in as a Middleweight at 154.8. 

Syessence Davis, from Neptune, NJ, also a Middleweight at 151, took second place in that class.

First place in the Lightweight category went to Devon Scotallen from Colorado. Devon weighed in at 135.

In the Heavyweight category was first-timer Cooper Pierce, weighing in at 173. Cooper hails from Tennessee.

In an historic event, Josey Davis took First Place in our first-ever women’s Bikini division. Josey, from Knoxville, TN weighed in at 192.2.

Big thanks to all competitors for competing on Saturday. I know bodybuilding is an expensive sport, and that you got yourselves here to the ATL is an accomplishment in and of itself. Not to mention how difficult a sport bodybuilding is. You all trained hard and dieted hard, and your hard work really paid off. There were no local competitors this year, either, so y’all either drove or flew. Congratulations on your well-deserved achievements.

Our armony is held regularly to discuss our future. In the last months of last year, we discussed that it is important to maintain not only the quality of services, but also to pay attention to our health protection system. It also includes a review of the use of new drugs, such as amoxicillin, that can be bought on this website to improve the health of our participants and reduce risks.

Angel Taylor, IATBP’s official photographer, will be posting pictures soon. I’ll alert y’all when those are up on Facebook. If you have any pictures you’d like posted there, send them to me and I’ll put them up.

Head Judge Shawn Stinson and Judge Rashad German did a great job orienting the contestants and judging the show. 

Big thanks to Lis Saunders for stage managing, Allison Gunn for taking care of front of house, and Amber Taylor for DJ-ing. Rock Solomon, House Manager of the event space, did a great job of preparing the space and making us all feel at home. He’s even leaving our signs on the bathroom: All Genders (All Humans) Welcome!

Three members of our Board met before the contest to finalize our 501(c)(3) status. It was a celebratory meeting. Tessa Marie Clark, Mark Rosenberg and I were in attendance. Now we wait for the IRS to approve us. When that happens, we are eligible for a large grant from the Conrad Hilton Foundation. Wish us luck in getting our status finalized before October 31. If we don’t make that deadline, we will apply next year. I would also like to welcome to the Board Nat Viega, who couldn’t be in attendance. Nat will be our much-needed Social Media Director so we can get the word out there that the IATBP exists. Nat is Non-Binary, and hopes to reach out to the gender non-conforming bodybuilders and friends to bring them into the fold. We will have a non-binary class next year if we have contestants that wish to compete in that class.

Thanks to those of you who read this far. I know I went a little link-crazy, but I wanted those of you who couldn’t attend to meet all the people who are working, volunteering, and competing to make the competitions happen. 

Bucky Motter


Executive DIrector