Trans 101: Health Facilities

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Subjects

Trans 101: Health Facilities

By Ida Hood

Trans people from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds tend to experience significant health disparities compared to the general population. You may be asking yourself how can I make a difference and have some type of impact on others around me? If this maybe you, please consider educating yourself and learning more about practices that can help improve the health and wellness community for all trans individuals.

By doing so, take time to research more on gender, sex, and sexual orientation as everyone within the LGBTQ community does not identify the same across the board. Everyone has their own unique identity and the things that make them who they are. At the end of the day everyone deserves respect regardless of who they are, and you want to model that for everyone who comes through your facility doors as you provide a service.

Whether you know it or not pronouns do matter. Honestly, this small act shows a person that you care, and you value them as a human being. Everyone wants and deserves respect so simply ask if you do not know. Also, if you make a mistake take the correction and move forward. Again, take the time to ask the person their pronouns that they use and be consistent about using them when they enter your facility in the future.

Say for instance this may all feel unfamiliar to you like foreign territory…that’s okay but try not to let yourself get intimidated. Everyone has a learning curve and heck we all learn something new every day. Just keep being willing to make the necessary changes and make a difference in someone’s life. If you’re not familiar with the various pronouns review the terms and learn how to put them into context.

Often trans people face stigmas and transphobia that affects their well-being. If you want your facility to be known as inclusive, try to learn ways to become an ally. You can help increase health outcomes by creating safe spaces for all individuals to come to daily for improved health. Many times, something that people don’t address or may not even be aware of is the importance of socialization for mental health. When you go somewhere that you know you’re invited you automatically feel welcomed. Please take time to help other people in your facility to accomplish this goal and in turn make the world a better place for everyone!

Please consider displaying an LGBTQ and Trans flag in your window at your facility to identify your facility as an ally as well as an inclusive space. By doing this you will help trans people face less stigmas.