Thank You’s for October 2, 2021’s Transgender Bodybuilding Competition and Powerlifting Meet

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Announcements

Trans bodybuilding and powerlifting is alive and well in Atlanta, Ga!

Our bodybuilding competition and powerlifting meet October 2, 2021, was a huge success, thanks to all of you who helped make it possible.

I’ve included lots of links here, hoping y’all will follow these folks on Instagram, including us. I went link CRAZY!

In no particular order, I want to personally thank Nat Veiga, our Digital Engagement Director for organizing the livestream of the powerlifting contest. You can watch it here. Nat helped me with so many other things from the time they landed in Atlanta to the time they left. The IATBP “office” is now in much better shape thanks to Nat.

Next, I’d like to thank Mark Rosenberg for his excellent rally-the-troops talk at the bodybuilding competition. Mark explained why masking was so important in keeping us all safe. Also, Mark can tell you some beautiful stories about some of the bodybuilders he spoke to. Maybe you’ll write us a little blog, Mark!

Speaking of rallying the troops, Liam Tremblay, our Volunteer Coordinator, did a fantastic job of rallying the volunteer troops! Many hands make light work, and Liam’s friends and others came out to help carry stuff, move stuff around, load the powerlifting barbell, spot lifters, and clean up during and after the events were over. 

Our staff photographer since 2014, Angel Taylor, took fabulous photos at the powerlifting meet and bodybuilding competition. She was assisted by Britney Simpson. Photographer Ames Beckerman also took fantastic photos at the powerlifting meet. We will be releasing some photos on Instagram and will be adding photos of this years’ competition to our website soon.

Janae Marie Kroc was our powerlifting meet director, and also a judge for the bodybuilding competition. I knew the meet was in the best of hands when I left Michael Michaelides’ gym CrossFit Downtown Atlanta to go to check in the bodybuilding competitors. Michael’s assistant, coach Marques Chaplin helped keep the powerlifting meet running smoothly.

Lis Saunders of Team Lis Smash and Nick Marzo from Modern Path were the referees (including Janae) at the powerlifting meet. They both have years of experience in the powerlifting world, and we are lucky to have them on board. Lis wrote the rules and regulations for the powerlifting meet that are now in our competitor’s handbook. 


Bodybuilding Event Manager Skyler Jay and his assistant Mishana Carson got the check-in process for the bodybuilders started right on time, so weigh-in and check-in went very smoothly. That’s just a fraction of what Skyler and Mishana did at the competition. They worked behind the scenes in such an efficient way!

Paulo Batista was our Head Judge this year for the bodybuilding competition. He did an excellent job on the mic, calling out poses and getting the audience super engaged. Paulo also helped load into the event space on Friday and load out on Saturday. No stranger to service, Paulo said  “Use me, I’m just here to help!” His lovely sister, Carmen, also helped with some of the grunt work.

Rashad German rounded out the bodybuilding judges table. Rashad’s keen eye and sense of humor came out especially when he had a little time on the mic. 

DJ Am Taylor was right on the money all night long at the bodybuilding competition. She is also an incredible musician. You can check out her work with transgender legend Jayne County in this video.

Mixdeity hosts Rock and Khaj kept an eye on everything during the bodybuilding competition. They really made us feel at home. Unfortunately, the livestream of the bodybuilding contest was badly corrupted. I’ll be following up on that this week to see if there’s anything that can be done about it.

Well, I know I have probably forgotten someone, so please let me know if you remember that someone.

Thanks again, everyone, for making the events so special!

In gratitude and service,


Bucky Motter | My pronouns are he/him/his

Executive Director

International Association of Trans Bodybuilders & Powerlifters