Approximately 1.4 million adults in the United States identify as transgender and a statewide health survey in Massachusetts that asked people if they were transgender found that 0.5 percent of people said they were. The combined buying power of the U.S. LGBT adult population for 2015 was estimated at $917 billion, according to an analysis by Witeck Communications.

To partner with IATBP is to align yourself not only with a leading authority but most importantly, one that is determined to make a positive impact in the long run.


  • Reinforce your brand and establish brand loyalty
  • Establish trust with current customers and future prospects
  • Become known as an ally of the Trans community

Expand your reach by connecting with the Trans community as a valuable target audience by taking advantage of these benefits.


  1. LEVERAGE: IATBP brings the diverse Trans communities together through a sport that empowers the way Trans people are perceived, not only locally or in the U.S. but worldwide. Our goal is to host as many competitions as possible throughout the world..
  1. BRANDING: For three years in a row, we’ve proven to be the leading authority in Trans fitness and bodybuilding, but nobody and brought the entire Trans community together through one unique event. This is why the media has noticed and this is why we are now doing it on a larger scale.
  1. EXCLUSIVITY: A select few sponsors will have category exclusivity for up to 3 years because we want to recognize the businesses that genuinely care for and support the Trans community.
  1. VISIBILITY: Have your brand noticed at major Trans events physically through signage, exhibition and products samples and virtually through media coverage.
  1. IMPACT:

One of the best things that we’ve discovered throughout this journey is that true happiness and fulfilment comes from giving back. That’s why we have the FTM Foundation where partial proceeds will go to.

We have no doubt that it is possible to grow as a business with a marketing strategy that aligns with a cause to makes a bigger impact on our world. And there is no doubt that this sponsorship strategy in particular is a cost-effective marketing strategy that will yield a very high return on investment.

Please take a look at the attached “Sponsorship Packages” kit to choose the best option for your marketing goals.