Rules And Regulations

Please read carefully before applying. Failure to follow any of these guidelines can be ground for disqualification. Membership: As an ambassador of IATBP, you are required to maintain your annual membership. Your membership must always remain active in order to compete. Membership will expire the following year prior to the day that the athlete enrolled. Entry fee: All competitors are required to pay the set entry fee for each competition they plan to participate in. Event hosts have the option to set entry fee. All teenagers and masters must show proof of age. Refund policy: Annual membership and entry fees are non-refundable. Assistant: All competitors are allowed to bring one assistant or trainer with them backstage. Depending on the number of competitors and space limitations, we might limit the time allowed backstage. Attire: Masculine-identified athletes: All masculine-identified competitors must wear posing trunks no longer than 4 inches and may wear a packer if they feel comfortable to do so, but it is not a requirement. Posing trunks should be of a solid color, well fitted, not display the brand/logo and have no jewelry or other distracting materials attached. No underwear is allowed. Jewelry other than rings and non-hanging earring are prohibited. Feminine-identified: All feminine-identified bodybuilders must wear a two-piece suits that crosses in the back and fully cover the breasts. Suits need to be a solid color and must be v-shaped. Absolutely no thongs or micros are permitted and all suits must be in good taste. No heels may be worn. Jewelry other than rings and non-hanging earring are prohibited. All feminine-identified bikini competitors must wear bikinis. Bikini competitors must wear heels, preferably clear. Absolutely no thongs or micros are permitted and all suits must be in good taste. Jewelry other than rings and non-hanging earring are prohibited. Powerlifting Attire: In order to allow safe and free movements, all competitors must wear tight and collarless clothing that covers the entire torso and do not cover elbows and knees. We recommend any type of singlet that doesn’t cover the knees or shoulders. Wraps are NOT allowed but you can wear knee sleeves, wrist wraps and a belt if you choose to. Weightlifting shoes are highly recommended but not required. Socks must be worn at all times. Bodybuilding Music: Your music must be turned in at the latest 24 hours before the competition. Failure to do so will result to the DJ picking a random song for you. All songs should be cut to a maximum of 90 seconds. Email your edited music to Your music can absolutely not contain any lyrics considered racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or with any sort of profanity in it. The best rule of thumb is to ask if it would offend or make a certain group of people uncomfortable. If the answer is yes, then it probably doesn’t meet the criteria. Music containing profanity or explicit language may result in being disqualified from future contests. Tanning spray: Because there are many different kinds of tanning sprays and skin tones, and because we don’t know each competitor’s allergic reaction or tolerance, we ask that you bring your own tanning spray if you’d like to use some. Tanning spray is not required but it helps the judges and the crowd to see muscle definition better. Please refrain from tanning backstage! We rent these locations and are often responsible for cleanup and damage. The head judge recommends tanning 24 hours prior to the show. If you’d like to still tan before the show, please do so outside of the premises to avoid stains. Failure to do so will result in a fine. We recommend the products Pro Tan and/or Dream Tan. Alcohol Use: Athlete’s use of alcohol/liquor on any premises of an IATBP sanctioned event prior to the competition is strictly prohibited and is ground for disqualification. Sportsmanship: Any athlete who demonstrates poor sportsmanship at a contest will be banned from all IATBP events for 6 months. Poor sportsmanship includes:
  • Not accepting, or destroying trophy on stage
  • Walking off stage with a negative attitude
  • Not appearing at evening show without a valid reason given to the Head Judge
  • Any irregularity or behavior that negatively affects other members, judges, hosts or staff.