Competitive Division

Competitive Divisions

Below are the competitive divisions for both bodybuilding and powerlifting.
Check bodybuilding or powerlifting (you can only select one):


The cost for each division is $30. You can register for multiple competitive divisions. However, if you select the Non-Competitive Division, you CANNOT select to register for ANY of the competitive divisions.

You can select to compete in as many competitive divisions as you want.
AMAB – Assigned Male at Birth
AFAB – Assigned Female at Birth
HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy

NOTE: Explanations, justification, and FAQ on our gender divisions can be found at this link.


If you select the Non-Competitive Division, you cannot register for any of the above competitive divisions. This is a division for non-competitive bodybuilding or bikini athletes only.

  • Non-Competitive Division (This is a category for folks of all genders, regardless of HRT status or gender assigned at birth, who are interested in competing in bodybuilding or bikini. The goal of this division is to give folks who may not be “competition ready,” or who may be interested in but apprehensive about competing, a positive on-stage experience. Please read the full description on what the Non-Competitive Division entails under the “Non-Competitive Divisions” section of the IATBP Competitor’s Handbook).
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