OPINION: Trans Bodybuilders Need a Safe Space to Compete

by | Sep 22, 2021 | News & Media

Bucky Motter has been lifting weights since age 17. At age 45, he began bodybuilding.

“I competed as female. There was no International Association of Trans Bodybuilders & Powerlifters (IATBP) around or I would have competed with trans men,” said Motter, 60, the executive director of IATBP, who identifies as gender queer and prefers the pronouns he, him, his.

That experience wasn’t unlike Motter’s earlier experiences with sports in high school when he tried out for the men’s soccer team at Wheeler High School in Marietta. “That was a big thing for me,” Motter said. “It was 1978 … the school did not have a women’s soccer team.”

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