Official IATB Press Release

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Press Release


For three years in a row, FTM Fitness World has been the leading authority of Trans Bodybuilding. FTM Fitness World also hosts TransFitCon, its annual conference focused on Mind, Body and Spirit for the Trans individual.
We’re proud to officially announce the launch of our new subsidiary organization, IATB – The International Association of Trans Bodybuilders.
Our goal, for the next twelve months, is to focus on putting new management in place and strengthening our marketing and fundraising efforts.
For FITCON, we’ll re-focus the theme to make it a community-owned event focused on healing where all proceeds go to local organizations that positively impact the Trans community. This will require us to hire a full-time conference coordinator who will put together a team and train the staff accordingly.
For IATB, we’re announcing Bucky Motter, head judge, as the new president of the association who will coordinate the training of new judges and the facilitation of new competitions.
Both events (conference and competitions) will be set up in a way that they can be hosted in any city around the world. Local Trans folks will fill out an application to host an event in their city; after review and approval, they’ll be provided with the training and tools necessary to make the event successful.
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