Meet Cody Harman

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Competitors Profiles

In today’s section of Competitors Profiles, we’d like to introduce you to Cody. He competed in our third bodybuilding competition in 2016 and placed Second in the Lightweight Category.


IATB: Tell us a little about yourself.

Cody: My name is Cody Harman, I am 30 years old, I live in Auburn California and I work as a chef/cook. I studied to be a personal trainer but then ended up going to culinary school and now I am working my way back into personal training.


IATB: How did you get into bodybuilding?

Cody: I have been into sports and fitness my whole life, I even did crossfit for 3 years but after my hysto I had to take a break from it because it was pretty intense and I could no longer lift heavy weights. After two weeks my doctor cleared me to lift some light weights and so after that, I got a gym membership for $10 and fell in love. I enjoy the strategy, the programming my workouts and learning how to manipulate the body.


IATB: What’s your diet plan and workout routine?

Cody: I workout about 6 days a week. I eat minimally processed foods and follow a macro plan.


IATB: How did you hear about the FitCon competitions and why did you decide to compete?

Cody: I heard about them through the internet, I can’t remember exactly where but it looked like an awesome challenge. I am pretty shy, so stepping on stage in very little clothing in front of people as the biggest challenge. haha.


IATB: How do/did you prepare for the competition emotionally and mentally?

Cody: I just wanted to commit to doing the best that I could. I knew if I gave it my all, then no matter what happened I would be happy with the outcome.


IATB: What do you think about the creation of IATB – The International Association of Bodybuilders?

Cody: I think it is amazing and I am super excited about competing in future.


IATB: What are your expectations for IATB? What would you like to see happening?

Cody: I think it is a great way to challenge oneself, make friends, and feel safe and accepted.


IATB: How do you relate bodybuilding to your identity?

Cody: I don’t really know how I relate it to my identity but I’d say that it does help me when I am feeling dysphoric. It has been a way for me to practice self love. It has become a huge part of my life, and the FTM bodybuilding community is awesome.


IATB: How far do you think we’ve come and how far do you think we have to go in the fitness industry for people of Trans experience?

Cody: I think we have come a long way but there is definitely a way to go! I think we are just now getting started but we are off to a good start. We have some unique experiences and needs in our community and the more visibility and information we can get out the more we can help!


IATB: We like to think of the IATB bodybuilders as ambassadors for the trans community because they show a different but important side of Trans visibility. Do you consider yourself an ambassador for the community? If so, how?

Cody: I suppose I would, I have been pretty open and transparent about my transition and fitness journey. I want to help others in the community not only reach their fitness goals, but reach self acceptance.


IATB: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Cody: Hopefully competing in more competitions and training others in the community.


IATB: What are some tips you’d give to someone who wants to compete in IATB competition?

Cody: Just give it your all, don’t compare yourself to others and be proud of all the work that you have put in. Don’t just celebrate the outcome, celebrate the process.


IATB: Any last word?

Cody: Never let fear get in the way of anything you want to do. Fight, persevere, and believe in yourself!


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