Important Bodybuilding Contest and Powerlifting Meet Information for October 2, 2021

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Announcements

We are very excited to welcome you to Atlanta and to meet all competitors this weekend, Saturday, October 2!

In this post you will find:

  • Check-in times and locations for bodybuilding competition and powerlifting meet
  • Where to email your music (for bodybuilders)
  • Link for bodybuilding competition live stream, information about powerlifting livestream.
  • COVID-19 safety policy update
  • Entry fee: $30 per division
  • Where to shop for food, restaurants near venues
  • Tanning for bodybuilders 
  • Link to Competitors Manual

Competitors’ Check in Times and Locations:

The bodybuilding competition will be held at:


575 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

This location is in the neighborhood known as Grant Park.

Check-in and weigh-in is at 2:00pm

Competitors meeting is at 4:00pm

Doors open at 5:00pm

Bodybuilding competition starts at 6:00pm

Bodybuilders, it’s going to be a long day so be sure to bring your food with you. 

Bodybuilders, please email your music to me at if you haven’t already. 

Mixdeity will be livestreaming the bodybuilding competition starting at 5:30pm EDT

Here is the link. It is Spread the news far and wide!

The powerlifting competition will be held at:

CrossFit Downtown Atlanta 

215B Chester Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

This location is in the neighborhood known as Cabbagetown.

Check-in and weigh-in is at 12:30pm

Competition is at 2:00pm

Powerlifters, if you would like music to be played during your deadlift, Michael, the gym owner, will be happy to DJ for you. No need to send in music ahead of time. Michael will probably be using Spotify to play your music. Pump it up!

We are working on arranging for the powerlifting competition to be livestreamed on Facebook. Our volunteer coordinator, Liam Tremblay, will have that information and can email you the link. Liam’s email address is

COVID-19 safety policy update:

IATBP has decided that the COVID-19 rapid test that was to be required 48 hours or less before the competitions is no longer needed. 

All people in both venues must be masked at all times. Make sure your nose and mouth are covered at all times. Please bring a mask. We will have masks for your purchase at the venue if you forget yours.

Entry Fee:

There is a $30 entry fee for each division in which you choose to compete. You can pay this entry fee at the venue. We accept cash or credit/debit cards. Bodybuilders and powerlifters must pay this fee to compete.

The divisions for both events are listed below. The Open Division has been removed since there were no competitors choosing that category. 



AMAB – Assigned Male at Birth

AFAB – Assigned Female at Birth

HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy

IATBP competitions will include some or all of the following divisions:

  • Femme I (AMAB folks 0-12 months HRT including AMAB folks choosing not to begin HRT)
  • Femme II (AMAB folks 12+ months on HRT)
  • Masc I (AFAB folks 0-12 months HRT including AFAB folks choosing not to begin HRT)
  • Masc II (AFAB folks 12+ months on HRT)
  • Gender-Nonconforming I (AMAB folks 12+ months on HRT, and AFAB folks 0-12 months HRT including AFAB folks choosing not to begin HRT)
  • Gender-Nonconforming II (AMAB folks 0-12 months HRT including AMAB folks choosing not to begin HRT, and AFAB folks 12+ months on HRT)

NOTE: Explanations, justification, and FAQ on our divisions can be found at this link.

Where to shop for food:

There is a Kroger grocery store very near both venues on Glenwood Ave. In the same shopping center are restaurants. There is also a deli across the street from Mixdeity for those of you who are not on a strict diet!

Tanning for Bodybuilders:

Just a reminder that we will not have a tanning booth onsite. Next year we hope to offer this service. FYI, it is rather expensive. $120 per person.

Please use your ProTan or other  tanning products like Dream Tan before you come to the venue. Tanning the night before is the best way to make sure you are dark enough. If you need to apply more ProTan the morning of the competition, please do so before arriving at the venue. There will be towels backstage, so please stand on a towel if you are using oil. Be sure you don’t come on stage looking too shiny!

The link to the competitors manual is here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

If you have some sort of emergency, you can call or text me at 404-272-4393. 

See y’all soon!

In Gratitude and Service,


Bucky Motter

Executive Director | my pronouns are he/him/his