IATBP COVID-19 Safety Policy

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Announcements

IATBP COVID-19 Safety Policy

Here you’ll find important information about our COVID-19 safety policy for the October 2, 2021 IATBP bodybuilding competition and powerlifting meet in Atlanta, GA. Creating a safe space to compete is of the utmost importance to the IATBP. All competitors, volunteers, and staff must follow the safety policy below. Please note: the policy has been changed as of September 21 regarding having a negative test result 48 hours or less before the competitions. This test is no longer necessary. 

Because the guidance with respect to the Delta variant of the coronavirus is changing so rapidly, we do not yet know whether it will be possible to have an audience. If spectators will be allowed, they must follow the same procedures as participants.

Safety Policy:

The IATBP is very concerned with the health and safety of all participants, including competitors, volunteers, staff, and audience. We want all athletes to feel safe competing at our bodybuilding competition and powerlifting meet. Please be advised that all competitors must have proof of being fully immunized against COVID-19. This means you must have had your second shot by September 18.

Proof of vaccination must be received by the IATBP executive director at least two weeks prior to the competition. This means the deadline for proof of vaccination is also Saturday, September 18. Email your proof of vaccination to executive director Bucky Motter at contact@iatbp.org

Unfortunately, due to the way the space is laid out for the powerlifting venue, there will be no spectators allowed at the powerlifting meet. There is not enough room to allow adequate social distancing when all competitors and necessary personnel are present. Powerlifting coaches are allowed to help competitors at the meet, but must also follow the same proof of vaccination and testing protocol. If you are a competitor in the powerlifting meet, please be sure to advise your coach of the protocol.

Face masks covering the nose and mouth will be required to be worn at all times on the premises of these events, even if you are fully vaccinated. We will do our best to have masks available at the door, but we strongly recommend bringing your own.

We will optimize the ventilation at the competition venues and will provide places for safe handwashing and a setup for safe distancing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me by emailing me at contact@iatbp.org, or send us a direct message on our Instagram or Facebook

To find a COVID-19 vaccination location, click here.

Stay safe out there, and good luck with your training. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta October 2, 2021!

In Gratitude and Service,

Bucky Motter 

Executive Director

International Association of Trans Bodybuilders & Powerlifters



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