IATBP responds to the corona virus

March 16, 2020

Greetings, All!

I am writing to you today to share my deep concern for everyone who is training for the October 3rd competitions in Atlanta, GA.

One of your board members is an infectious disease epidemiologist and worked at CDC for 20 years. Here are his thoughts on this matter:

“As this Covid 19 pandemic spreads, we need to be thinking ahead to what is coming.  And that is a medical disaster where our hospital beds are all full and the healthcare system is overwhelmed.  We need to slow the epidemic and flatten the epidemic curve. All of us need to stop thinking that we can continue doing whatever we do as long as we don’t get infected.  We need to change our mindset to doing everything that we possibly can to break the chain of transmission. This means that for a period of time we will need to stop using community gyms where the virus can be spread.  I am also aware that interruptions in serious training will disrupt your training and dieting cycles.

I want you all to know that we are working to help the show go on.  One of the most difficult aspects of this epidemic is that this is a novel virus and no one knows with certainty what will happen.  There is a good chance that it will die down over the summer months. This is because the virus is heat-sensitive, and this is what happened with SARS, caused by a related corona virus.  But we don’t know if it will come raging back in the fall and winter months. This makes planning difficult. We realize you all need time to train and that postponing the competitions for a month or two might give you more time when you can use a gym to train for the event.  But there are so many uncertainties that we will wait to make any decisions until we get closer to the scheduled October 3 date.

I am hoping, as we all are, that if we are absolutely ruthless in our social isolation and handwashing we will be able to reduce the toll of corona virus on our country.”

Here is an op-ed written by the same board member.

Please let me know what your feelings are on this matter. Are you still training? Have you already made your airline reservations? How do y’all feel about postponing? Together we will make a good decision on this matter.

My email address is [email protected]. I am interested to know how you all are coping.

On three unrelated notes, we will be printing another run of t-shirts soon for those of you who have registered and not received one yet. Also, a few of you have not received membership cards. Your membership cards will be going out ASAP. I was out of town for a week and was unable to take care of that while I was gone. Lastly, I will email the Competitors Handbook to those who have not received one yet. 

If you are not competing but want a t-shirt, they are selling for $20 each. They are black with the white and red IATBP logo on the front. Please let me know if you’d like me to mail you one. Represent!

Thank you for your support of the IATBP through your memberships, entry fees, donations, and sponsorships!

In Gratitude and Service,

Bucky Motter


Executive Director


[email protected]